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Get to Know Us

Now, a bit about us, the people operating Nestting Villa. We are 3 women involved in this venture who consider ourselves fortunate to have lived and traveled extensively in Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe. All three of us were born in various cities in Ghana and are currently residents of different states in the United States of America. Learn a little bit about us by reading more below.

Nanna Peterson


Hi there! My name is Nanna! I am a co-owner of the Nestting Villa and have been CEO of a thriving small  business for the past 3 decades. I currently reside in Minnesota, but I trace my family  to the Eastern Region of Ghana.


A fun fact about me is that I am a lover of the rich proverbs that many Ghanaians use in their daily conversations


Welcome to our site! My name is Priscilla and I am a New Jersey resident. I have travelled and lived in various countries in Europe including Holland, and the United Kingdom. I have also travelled extensively to Asia; to Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Thailand. I trace my roots to Manchester, England, and to the household of Okomfo Anokye in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. 



Hello! My name is Efua. I live in Tennessee and am an itinerant traveller. I have visited and or lived in 23 of the 55  countries on the African continent. In addition, to living in or visiting several European countries. I am multilingual and a Pan-Africanist at heart. I trace my roots to the Central, Greater Accra and Eastern Regions of Ghana. 


We welcome you and yours on this private customized vacation to Ghana. 

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